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The car picked us form our hotel and we went to the tourist police to take a copy from our passports for our safety and this was really strange for us but we liked it because we felt some kind of safe. Anyway the next stop was a village where we could shopping the necessary from the local market and we continue going up to the mountains. The car leave us on a campus where we eat some kind of breakfast (rice!) and we start to walk inside the forest. Not far away we saw a waterfall where you could swim. Immidiately we drop our clothes and get in the water. Cold water and it was difficult to keep yourself on feet but we enjoy it. After that we continue for about 2 hours walking through the forest which was changing to tropical and rain forest. Absolutely amazing experience for a greek man like me. We saw many poison snakes, I m happy noone was close to me and many trees which never saw before. I cant even remember their names. We stop at a place where the car could pick us and we went in a buddism monastry. I cant understand why monastries of all religions have so much gold when so many people are hungry. Anyway after that we continue by foot for about 1 1/2 hour climbing when starts to rain and this was made our climbing extremely difficult but we managed and we finally we arrived at the Karen village and at the house we would stay in. This was not a house! It was some kind building made by wood I think for chicken but not for persons. The walls are not up to the top but just up to the middle and when starts to rain again we couldnt sleep but before that we spend a few hours around the fire singing songs and playing card games with a couple of Brittish and a couple of French people who were in our group. The next day we have a long distance to cover by foot and we start early in the morning. The difficulty was really high for me and I was the only one we was far away from the others and always waiting for me. After 4 hours we arrived in another Karen village where the car pick us and went us at the river where we did rafting and riding elephants. And then we return to Chiang Mai city and the questhouse really exsosted but we were happy because the next day we would take the flight for Phuket. It costs us just 60 euro per person for 2 flights transit.

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next time, i will be travelling with you and waiting for you when you are lagging behind.
but is it possible?

by jeanmarc

jejejeje... You find me here? wow.. Idont know about possibilities....

by vickon

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